Monday, June 14, 2010

Can you smell the sweet scent of Lavender?

I'm not a huge fan of weeding. Nope! It is a gardening task that is necessary but not usually very enjoyable. Ahhhh, but there is one exception to the doledrums of weeding and that is when you need to pull weeds around the lavender plants. Ahhhhhhhhh and I'll say it again, "AHHHHHHHH." My lavender is really fragrant and lovely this year and just being near it is a pleasure no matter what the task at hand might be.

Who would think these tiny lavender flowers could produce such a lovely scent?

I have a tendency to brush against the plants as much as possible while I'm working in the area, just so I can smell like them. hee hee hee!

So delicate! So fragrant. So lovely!

I can always tell when Tango, my big orange cat, has been lying in or near the lavender. He doesn't eat it but he sure smells nice!

Over the next month or so I'm going to show you some really wonderful uses for these fragrant blooms. Uses ranging from potpouri, lingerie sachets, to culinary uses such as lavender ice cream, lavender lemonade...or if you want something just a bit stronger, lavender with lemoncello, lavender cookies...and even cards and crafts using lavender.

I'm heading outside now to cut and get the drying process started. And of course you know I'll come back in the house with my hands smelling of the delicate scent of lavender.




  1. Mmmm lavender - hi Jennifer - I love the scent of lavender - and yours is much further on than mine. Thanks for your kind comments on Ben & Amy - I'm looking forward to hearing more about Noah particularly - he must have grown so much since you last posted about him. No more baths in the sink!! Helen x

  2. Great photos!! Love lavender, but have the hardest time growing it for some reason. Always have. I have a few plants now, and they seem to be doing well (for now). :)

    Thanks for the wonderful comment on my blog today. :)

    Enjoy the day!

  3. Sniff.....relax. Soothing scent & so pretty. Am looking forward to learning new uses for this delightful plant. Have I told you lately your amazing? Well you are. Is there anything you don't know? Music, Sewing, Gardening, Cooking/Baking, Animals/Pets, Biker, Papercrafter.....Yup. You are exceptional HP!

  4. Hi Jennifer
    I have just found your blog :-) it is a true work of art. I love, love, love it. I have just starting blogging....on all things lavender.
    I have found lavender lovers around the globe such nice people and I am learning heaps.
    Will be checking back in now that I have found your site.
    Patricia Perth Australia
    all things lavender


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