Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The garden and the groundhog

Here he is. Meet Mr. Groundhog. He and I have been doing battle ever since I planted my vegetable garden. He's out there and is waiting for me to replant more vegetables for him to consume. He is my arch enemy number one: Mr. Groundhog

He sits and waits in the grass, thinking I don't see him. He's wrong! There you are Mr. Groundhog!

Some days, just to add insult to injury, Mr. Groundhog waves and says, what are you going to plant for me to eat today?

This WAS going to be one of my broccoli plants. He didn't even wait for the delicious, green vegetable to mature before destroying all of my plants. I replanted. He ate them all again.

And this was supposed to grow into delicious cucumbers. HA! Not a chance now. So I replanted. And again he feasted..........

Sometimes he just waddles around in the tall grasses in the field behind our back fence...waiting.....watching.

With a fully belly he waves goodbye to take a nap in his hole. Just waiting for his next meal.


  1. You have my sympathies Jennifer - I have the same problem with many more groundhogs! I highly recommend a visit to Lee Valley for a little "relocation assistance"!

  2. they are sooooo destructive, but cute too, hope you eradicate your problems the veggies must be saved, lol. Hugs

  3. Oh boy. I just happened on your blog this morning and I get this. I live in a duplex but that last year I did a container garden just when I was ready to get my herbs the deer ate them... just when I was ready to eat the ONE pepper I had, the deer ate it.

    I think I had three tomatoes, the deer at two of them.

    Its painful, it really is.


  4. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I am not laughing at you....it's a sympathy laugh! I just saw one a couple weeks ago sniffing at my garden, but I think the farmer scared him off. Last year we had TWO living under our shed....and our porch was their second vacation home---they would run back & forth. Quite a fiasco, complete with traps, guns and other various critters that I never imagined lurking around my home in the wee dark hours! Hope you get him---the photos are great, I can't believe you got him coming out of his hole!!!

  5. Oh isn't he a cutie?? I do understand about your vegie garden though. Hope you manage to keep things growing.

  6. He is cute as all get out. Not great for your garden... but hey he has to eat too. hee hee

  7. Mr. Groundhog is now famous, I showed all my friends and the beau. lol I hope you manage to relocate him without too much harm done


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