Wednesday, June 30, 2010

North American Holiday Weekend Picnic Bowl Covers

Beginning tomorrow, July 1st, and extending through Sunday, July 4th, it is North America's traditional celebratory holiday picnic weekend. In Canada we celebrate CANADA DAY on July 1st and in the United States of America on July 4th we celebrate INDEPENDENCE DAY. Both holidays are celebrated much the same way and that includes picnics!

I may be dating myself but I have to ask you if you remember your mother and grandmothers using the elastic bowl covers? Back in the 50's and 60's every household had the ubiquitous bowl covers that were plastic with elastic around the edges. They also doubled as shower caps in a pinch. Then came the advent of plastic wrap on rolls and tupperware lids that would "burp" when sealed. No longer do we see the old fashioned bowl covers. But if you get tired of filling land fills with plastic wrap and want to cover your bowls with some fashion, fun and flair I have a very fast project for you to take to your next picnic.

These fun bowl covers take just minutes to create. They are completely washable so no more plastic in the land fills.

How fun it will be to arrive at your next picnic, church potluck or family reunion carrying your favorite pie, potato salad or bowl of snack food covered in a stylish top. It will keep the flies off your yummy treats until the feasting begins.
Since my household is a joint Canadian and American household I wanted to make sure our bowls were covered in dual citizenship flags.

I are probably thinking to yourself, "But Jennifer, they aren't airtight." That is true, but they will keep the bugs and flies away from your food, they are ecologically friendly and they are just too cute. Come know it's fun to add a splash of Canadiana and/or Americana to your table setting.

So if you are interested in spending 30 minutes making a set of these they are as easy as pie to create. Trace directly onto the wrong side of your fabric around the top of your bowls, cake pans, pie plates...any serving bowls you wish to use. Then add an extra two inches to that circumference and cut it out. Grab a contrasting or complimentary colored double fold bias tape and sew it to the raw edge of the circle. Instead of bias tape I made a very fast ruffle. They both serve the same purpose in adding an edge. Last step: (see, it is almost finished already) on the inside edge of your ruffle or bias tape, zigzag stitch 1/4" elastic being sure to pull and stretch it as you stitch. THAT'S IT! You are finished.

Just think of how fun these covers can be for other holidays (Halloween popcorn bowls and Christmas party covers using seasonal fabric.) Or perhaps make yourself a set complimenting your kitchen decor and colors.
As you can see my bowls are empty so I need to get into the kitchen and get busy making our picnic food.

I'm wishing you a happy and festive holiday weekend whether you are celebrating Canada Day tomorrow or Independence Day on Sunday.




  1. Happy Canada Day Jennifer ! Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

  2. I DO remember the plastic elastic covers!
    My Mom would wash them and hang them on the line to dry!
    I LOVE your fabric rendition of these little cuties!

  3. Wow those are so cute! What a great way to spice up a picnic!

  4. Wow, these are adorable.....could you do them in vinyl-covered fabric (like a tablecloth) so they are a little sturdier? Would that be too heavy?

  5. oh these are wonderful and laugh if you must, I still use the plastic ones, Hugs

  6. Happy Holiday weekend Jennifer!
    These covers are incredibly pretty. I bet they would work for jam pot covers to. Thanks for sharing. As always your crafting skills are inspirational! And thank you for your comments on my blog - You really have made my day:)

  7. You're so clever! I love these and they seem so easy. Happy 4th and Canada Day. Enjoy it all!

  8. I love these bowl covers. They are so cute! I can just imagine all the oohs, ahhhs and compliments you'd get when you show up at a picnic or get together with these!


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