Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all of the great dads in the world. My father is no longer with us and I miss him something awful. I find Father's day a very melancholic day for me. But, I wanted to share today a father's day video and photos of my horse, Gypsy. When I was a little girl I always asked my dad if I could have a horse and he always responded the same way saying, "Jennifer, I will get you a horse as soon as we move to a place where we can keep a horse." Well, Dad never broke his promise. It was just that we never moved from the city. He died in the house in which we'd always lived. But last fall, I was finally able to realize my lifelong dream to have a horse.

Meet my Gypsy. Gypsy is 100% Canadian. She is 12 years old (soon to turn 13). She is the most gentle, wonderful horse this old gray mare could ever dream of.

So here is a video of this Father's Day evening spent with the Gypsy mare.

I was at the barn alone so unfortunately I had to keep Gypsy in the cross ties while I photographed. She'd have looked more beautiful if we'd been outside...but then I'd have been chasing about trying to capture her best side! LOL

I always say that the Gypsy mare has the most beautiful horse's patootie I've ever seen!

I love my mare!

Gypsy is wondering when I'm going to give her more apples and carrots.

Now she's asking to puleeeeeeeeeeease hurry up with the photo shoot and get me out of the cross ties!

So as my tribute to Father's Day I present how I spent this evening. Just me and the Gypsy. I know my Father would be so happy to know I finally got to have my horse I'd always dreamed of. I also think that he would have loved her just as I do too.




  1. Beautiful photos Jennifer. I'm sure your Dad would have loved Gypsy.

  2. HUGS- Gypsy is beautiful! I am sure your Dad is smiling down on you from heaven!

  3. I love when you do videos. Beautiful Gypsy. Hugs!

  4. What a sweet post and sentiment!


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