Monday, May 2, 2011

My Three Gardeners Extraordinaire!

My first daffodils opened this week and it won't be long before the tulips bloom (I hope.) I decided it was safe to begin preparing the vegetable gardens (there are four) but I needed to get truck load of garden soil to till in along with some manure before I can begin planting. It took a lot of work hauling the soil from the truck in a wheel barrel to the back yard, but as you can see, my "helpers" made sure that with each dump of the wheel barrel, no one stole the fresh soil. These photos are from first getting started on my task and only one of the smaller veggie areas. Nevertheless, my three goofy Newfies, Noah, Gabe and Paige, love 'helping'!

Left to right: Gabe (4 years old), Noah (my wee pup who is now 1 year old) and on the right, Paige (2 1/2 years old)

Noah and Paige keep a vigilant watch for dirt thieves. The only time they moved was when I brought a new wheel barrel full of soil so they could lay on it!

Gabriel is a self proclaimed foreman of any work operation. He loves to survey his staff!

All three were exhausted by the end of the day. It is very hard work to protect new soil in the garden, doncha know?




  1. Oh My Gosh! That post really made me laugh. It is a very good thing that you have those big brave dogs to help guard your soil.

  2. Absolutely adorable.Thanks for sharing.xx

  3. All I could think of as I read you post and saw the photos was how much work it's going to be to bathe those beasts! Sure hope they don't decide to rest in the garden once everything is planted. Great photos!

  4. Oh what fun, great pictures Jennifer :) Happy planting!

  5. Oh they look like they are so much help. hee hee I had to show hubby and the boys that you had these dogs. We saw our first one at the local pet yard the other day. He was HUGE and a moose compared to our GS. So to have 3 of them is amazing. They said they wish they were there to play with them. ha ha


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