Monday, June 27, 2011

Bloom in Bark Sleeveless top

When I find a pattern that fits well and suites my tastes I tend to make several of that item. Especially in a top as versatile and simple as the Colette Pattern's SORBETTO TOP which you can download FREE right HERE.

For this top I used this gorgeous Joel Dewberry fabric called Bloom in Bark. My sister commented after I made the black, grey and yellow top that she preferred browns and teals. I knew I had to make up this top in this fabric and I love it.

The only difference, or change I made in constructing this top is that since the fabric is bold, bright and didn't need extra embellishments I didn't add buttons on the front box pleat. Also, so as not to detract from this yummy floral pattern, I made my own bias tape rather than using a contrasting color of bias tape. It is so simple to make your own bias tape and I think it adds a lovely finish.
So here you have it: Sorbetto Top #2. Are you ready to see a third? Yes I did make three. My summer wardrobe is very limited and because this top is so easy to whip up, takes a minimal of fabric, and can be made unique with the addition of trims and buttons I am making a small wardrobe of simple sleeveless tops for myself in a variety of styles and colors.



  1. I LOVE this fabric!!! What a beautiful shirt, Jennifer. I love the box pleat down the front.

  2. That top is beautiful! The print is gorgeous and all those colors are my favorite! I love how you kept it simple too!
    I do the same thing when I find a pattern I love! I make tons!


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