Friday, June 10, 2011

A tour of my garden after one month

It has been one month since I posted about my "Three Gardener's Extraordinare" post HERE in which I was preparing the soil in the garden and getting ready to plant my vegetable garden...all with the help of my three Newfoundland dogs. Well, this morning, after seeing Anna Wight's post on her blog of a video tour of her garden, I decided to play monkey see...monkey do and follow Anna's lead and make a video tour of my garden. I've gained so many tips and ideas following Anna's blog, not only in the gardening arena but also in cardmaking and stamping too. So I hope you enjoy my take on a gardening tour via video and photos. Please accept my apologies on the jerky motion in the video. I hope it doesn't make you sea sick to watch it. *smiles*

Part I and II of my garden tour videos are in the back yard. Of course I have the dogs to stand guard over the vegetables. As you can see in the following still photos of my "salad garden" as well as some of the flowers which are all in the front yard, I have my orange cat, TANGO (sometimes refered to as Mr. T) keeping guard from an upstairs window.
Below: Chives. I recently read that the chive blossoms are great to add to olive oil to flavor it. I may give that a try this summer.



Green onions:

And just a few photos of some flowers. I LOVE pansys! So bright and colorful!

Below is a brand new hydrangea that I've added this year. I am really looking forward to seeing it bloom. It is supposed to be a blue hydrangea, though from what I understand the color is sometimes determined by the acidity of the soil, so we'll see how mine does and what color it blooms.

I ALWAYS keep geraniums in pots on my front porch:

My roses are really starting to grow. I have 7 different varieties of roses. Here is the first little yellow tea rose to bloom.

Thanks for dropping by for my little garden tour. I'm amazed at how much things have changed in only one month's time. I'll be keeping a monthly update on the garden this summer.


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  1. Oooooh, I LOVED the tour!!! LOVE LOVE LOVED!!! And your pups (and Mr T) are just gorgeous!! Can't wait to see the trellis you put up on the cucs! :) Thanks for the WONDERFUL update!!

    Oh, and not that it matters one lick what you call me, but my last name is pronounced white. :)

    I'll be anxiously waiting for your next update!!

    And thanks for droppin' me a note today -- I haven't been reading my blog reader since I went up to WA in early May, so I'm WAAAAAY behind. I loved catching up with YOU today, though, and can't wait for MORE!!! CHEERS!! -Anna.


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