Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom

Today, on this Mother's Day, I'm going to take a photographic trip down memory lane in honor of my own mother.
My mother was born in 1927.  Here she is around one year old.
Bright blue eyes and brown hair...a trait passed on to her children.
My mother is a true and loyal friend.  This is a photo of mom with her childhood friend Marian.  They went to kindergarten together and remained the closest of friends until Marian's death just a couple of years ago...well into their 80's.

My mother has always been a talented pianist and organist.  She began playing as the church organist when she was a young teenager and continued to do so up into her 70's.
This photo is of my mom and dad when they were engaged to be married.  I love this photo of the two of them.
This photo (above) was mom's official engagement picture.

Get me to the church on time!  Mom and Dad were married June 25, 1949.
Do they get more photogenic than this?

And then the babies started arriving.  1950 my oldest sister arrived.  Mom's first mother's day!
Another baby in 1952, and THEN in 1954 I arrived:  baby #3.
But, mom had a lot more to celebrate on Mother's day as the years pass by because she and dad eventually had a total of 5 children (yes, I'm a middle child of 5)  This is a typical Sunday dinner after church and my grandma and grandpa Long's house. 
Mom and her mom all dressed up: circa 1960's.
Ahhh...nothing like those church photos of the family to bring back memories.
Then in the late 1970's Mom's grandbabies began to arrive.  This photo reminds me of the line in the movie "Steel Magnolias" when Julia Roberts' character dreams of one day being "covered in grandbabies."

Mom and Dad with my three children when they were but wee tadpoles. 
Mom and Dad enjoying retirement.

My mom has always been quite a catch, wouldn't you say?  Here (above) mom is flirting with one of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP: the mounties) while she was visiting us here in Canada.
My Mom's 80th birthday was a huge celebration and brought new chapters to her life.  This year, mom celebrated her 85th birthday and my sisters and I are going to take a weekend "ladies trip" and celebrate it with Mom.




  1. What a fun walk down your memory lane! You are so blessed to have such a great mom!!! I miss my mom, she's been gone 11 years...I wish she could have known her great-granddaughter, she would have enjoyed her! Happy Mom's Day to you! TFS!

  2. A Terrific tribute to your mom! I enjoyed seeing the pics!

  3. Thank you for sharing your pictures of your Mom and your
    family! I really enjoyed seeing them and I hope you had a very blessed Mother's Day!!!

  4. Awww, Jennifer, what a special tribute to your Mom and whole family on Mother's Day. Beautiful memories, thanks for sharing them!
    Happy Mother's Day to you.


  5. Wow Jennifer this is a beautiful tribute you made. I love the pictures, they remind me of my great grandma who has passed. These are wonderful.


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