Saturday, May 12, 2012

Repurposed flatware / silverware

Now these are F+U+N to do.  This afternoon I took a bunch of mismatched and unused flatware and using metal letter stamps, repurposed the old flatware into herb pot markers.  The mister got involved too and helped me bend the fork prongs and then he even took over the stamping.   Wouldn't these make fun gifts to include with seeds or potted plants?  Hopefully it is visible from my photo and you can read that the fork (above) says MINT.

Getting photographs for you to read was difficult.  The pot above says ROSEMARY on the knife
We stamped an old spoon with OREGANO for my oregano potted plant.

And this pot is marked THYME on the fork. 

We began stamping as many herbs as we could think of  for all of the potted herbs on the deck.  And I admit, this is not my original idea.  I had been searching on PINTEREST for various ways to repurpose old flatware/silverware and discovered some fabulous ideas. 

So you know what I'll be searching for at yard sales, auctions and thrift shops...yes!  Lots of used silverware.  Aren't they fun?  And other than pot markers there are so many other ideas for making new use for unused silverware.




  1. What a fun idea Jennifer well done Hugs Elaine

  2. What a cool thing to do! Would be a great gift for gardener in the family! :) Thanks for sharing :)

  3. These planter markers are so cute and I have a whole bag of unused silverware that I have never been able to toss. Thanks for the great photos - how did you stamp on the silverware?


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