Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dear Stella, Feathers in Navy

I actually squeeeeeeeeeled when I opened the package containing fabric I ordered for a dress I wanted to make for an event the Mister and I were attending last weekend. The fabric manufacturer is called Dear Stella and from the Dear Stella House Designer  and the collection very appropriately is called Gilt Trip (see all of the shimmery gold metalic?!  From the collection I chose the print called Feathers in Navy and decided to line the bodice in a coordinating navy with gold dots.
The pattern I chose for my dress is Butterick B5453 and I made view C with three-quarter length sleeves.  I was concerned that the print was too big and bold for my...ummm...big and bold body, but I loved this print so much that I decided to give it a go.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?  And, I needed a dress to wear to an event we were attending so I had to get started and cut into this gorgeous fabric and start sewing.

Tango (aka: Mr. T.) is always at my side when I'm sewing.  Ummmm...Tango...would you please move over just a bit so I can read the instructions?
The bodice is a boat neck with a fitted waistline band.  The sleeve caps and waist are tucked with tiny pleats so the dress lays smoothly but allows for a little fullness.
I was risky to use such a bold print with a fairly straight dress on a full figured woman.  Once finished, though, I was pleased.

The bodice is lined so I used the gold dots on Navy.  Of course the lining doesn't show so nobody will ever know what a snazzy lining I have, but I know it is there and it is pretty, I think.
My finished dress.  This will be great for autumn parties and dinners out with the rich colors and gold.  It also worked out perfectly for the event we attended last weekend because the weather here was very cold, rainy, windy and not at all summer-like weather.

I ordered the fabric from Hawthorne Threads.  They have THE BEST customer service and very fast delivery.  If you have any questions they answer emails immediately and your order is mailed out the day you order in most cases.   Here's a link to "Feathers in Navy".

I have a bit of yardage left over and I'm thinking a handbag or clutch to go with this might be very nice.

Let's hope the weather warms up now.  I have a garden that needs some warm sunny days!

Until next time,



  1. it is beautiful and a little on the wild side, sure to turn heads, and create smiles, hugs

  2. Gorgeous print and love the gold shimmer. Your sewing is so professional!

    Cheers, Helen (Australia)

  3. Nonsense! This is a perfect style of print for a full figure. Look how gorgeous and flowing those elongated rich toned feathers are as they smooth over curves, taking the "eye" with them. What is an unkind print on us larger figured gals is very pretty...but very awful for the hips extra-large dahlias in neon colours! Now THAT is scarey!
    Your dress sings of sophistication and elegance...wear with a smile to match.
    Cheers from Oshawa

  4. Your dress looks fantastic.. I love the fabric...

  5. Your dress is fantastic. I love the feather print fabric..

  6. Stunning fabric and beautiful dress!! Such a talented gal you are Jennifer. Where are the pictures of you in this wonderful frock???


  7. How Beautiful! It makes me want to take the cover off my sewing machine and start sewing (Don't ask me how long it has been. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Oh, poopy! I want to see a picture of you and the Mister all dressed up and ready to go! Extra Fabric? Make the Mister a matching cravat. If that's too much, maybe a pocket square. He should get to be a stylish as you. This is GORGEOUS, by the way. Your talent with the needle and thread is every bit as amazing as your stamping talent. Thanks for sharing.

  9. OMIGOSH Ms Jennifer...this is TRULY STUNNING!! WOW!!!


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