Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gabriel's tour of the garden: June 2012

Hello, everybody! I'm Gabriel, but you can call me Gabe. I was helping Jennifer in her garden this morning and I took a lot of pictures of all the veggies that are growing. And some posies too! Jennifer said that was a good idea since the garden is just beginning to put fruit and flowers on the vine and she wants to chart the progress. So I got to be the official videographer. Pretty important job for a pup like me! I hope you enjoy the show! Just press the arrow to start playing and in the lower right corner you can enlarge the video by pressing the square. When the video finishes, just hit Esc to return your screen to normal size. you go! Lights! Camera! ACTION! Roll-um!

Until next time,

Jennifer (and Gabe too!)


  1. Brilliant Jennifer, l love home grown fruit and veg l did cucumbers last year l have peppers and tom this year and yours are well on they look great and Gab too also love the flowers enjoy your day:)x

  2. Thanks for the tour of the garden. What will you do with all those beets - can them?


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