Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sweet Cherry Pie

Remember the Peanut Butter Brownie torte I made last weekend for the Mister and displayed and saved it in my new domed cake server.  Well, this morning the server sat clean and empty on the kitchen counter.  The Mister got that sad puppy dog look on his face with a tear trickling down his cheek and begged, "Skippy, can you refill the cake server please?"  (Yes, he calls me Skippy...long story).

I couldn't resist his request and as much as I'm not a huge fan of pie, The Mister is!   I had made up a half dozen pie shells and had them in the freezer waiting to be used so that makes the whole process easier.  I always make up a half dozen pie shells and freeze any extras.  It's just as easy to make one as it is six and one step to eliminate from the pie making process if the crust is already made. 

I decided to make The Mister a Sweet Cherry Pie to put in the Cake saver.  One should never have an empty dessert tray...or so The Mister says.

This is THE BEST sweet cherry pie I've ever tasted.  I made this recipe for the first time a year or two ago and I'll always stick to this recipe!  But I will say that this is a VERY fussy pie to make.  Lots of steps in the process but the finished product is well worth the extra effort.  The filling has tons of sweet cherries (6 cups to be exact) and a couple of pureed plums and fresh lemon juice too.  The thickening agent is tapioka which you crush first.  The pie, once assembled goes into the freezer for a half hour or so before baking.  I think this is the secret to the amazing texture.

Above is the photo just after I took it out of the freezer prior to baking.  It has an egg wash on the crust sprinkled with Turbinado sugar.

Now the pie is ready to be baked at 400 degrees for 30 minutes.  Then turn the oven down to 350 degrees and bake for an additional 35 - 40 minutes. 

VOILA!  Sweet cherry pie!  This recipe is from one of my favorite food bloggers:  Annie, from Annie's Eats.  You can find this recipe for her Sweet Cherry Pie HERE.

The pie needs to cool for a couple of hours and then it will be ready to cut into.  I think a small ball of vanilla bean ice cream will taste especially yummy with it, don't you?



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  1. oh my son still has not got around to cooking the torte but wow that looks equally as yummy you are soooooooo gonna have to stop encouraging me to eat puds lol
    Hugs Kate x


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