Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cake Dome Sunday #15: Butterscotch Pie - the failure

When I was a little girl every summer my siblings and I and our mother would spend about two weeks with my Grandma and Grandpa Inman while our father was doing his yearly training for the Army Officer Reserves.  In the town where Grandma and Grandpa lived was a pie shop that Mom and Grandma just thought was 'the bee's knees!'  Grandma and Mom shared a love of pies and both could bake a pie that were argueably THE BEST pies you've ever tasted.  My mother still, at 86 years young, can make a Lemon Meringue Pie that will make you pucker and smile at the same time.

But what I remember about my Grandma Inman's pies was her love of butterscotch and what a wonderful butterscotch pie she made.  I shared that same desire and whether it topped ice cream, was mixed into a milk shake or was made into a pie made no difference to me.  Oh how I love butterscotch.

Now you might notice that I'm into my third paragraph of this litany and I still haven't posted a picture.  That's because...I completely failed at my attempt to make a Butterscotch Pie for this week's "Cake Dome Sunday" post.   Oh I made a pie!  Yes indeedily-do I did!  But it tasted awful!  Horrendous!  So yucky that the Mister actually said, "Darlin', this is BAD!"

Notice here tears flowing and feeling like a complete and utter failure!

You see, I don't have Grandma Inman's recipe for Butterscotch Pie.  I found a recipe in a lovely cookbook that I was just sure would be perfect.  In fact, I'm sure it probably is a good recipe but somewhere along the line I messed it up.   I can't say what step or what I did wrong.  It just was awful when we took a bite.

I figure sometimes you just have to admit your mistakes and try again.  I won't give up on my Cake Dome Sunday posts.  I couldn't if I wanted to because the Mister has gotten very spoiled with his Sunday desserts. 

In the meantime, if anyone has a good recipe for Butterscotch Pie, would you mind emailing me your recipe.  I really want to give it a go again.

Until next time,



  1. Drats! I would try pinterest for a recipe! Good luck on your search!!!

  2. I came across this one in my daily martha stewart desserts email....

    have not tried it myself but...hey, it IS Martha!


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