Friday, June 21, 2013

How does your garden grow?

After a very slow start due to cold, frost and many days of gloom and no sunshine, my garden is finally taking off.  This morning I spied my very first beefsteak tomato on the vine.  YIPPEE!!  I have 6 beefsteak tomato plants and three Roma tomato plants.  If they all produce I'm going to be up to my eyeballs in tomatoes later this summer.

Several weeks ago I posted the garden signs I made but at the time my garden hadn't been entirely planted and the signs really weren't marking anything...until now.  Above is one of the Roma tomato plants in front of the sign. 

I've already harvested my broccoli and soon will be harvesting cauliflower.  I have both cheddar cauliflower and white cauliflower.  LOOK what I found this morning!  CHEDDAR CAULIFLOWER.  It should be ready very soon to harvest. 

It is amazing how fast bean seeds grow.  Just a month ago I showed you row markers but nothing growing.  Now look at the beans.  You can barely see the garden marker labeled BEANS!   I feel like "Jack" from "Jack and the Beanstalk". 
The spinach is growing very well.  It really likes the cool weather we've had and we've been enjoying it so much.  Trust me when I say, homegrown is eversomuch better than store bought.  Plus, I know that there are no GMO's.  Just garden fresh deliciousness.
I'll take a little garden video in a few weeks as the rest of the vegetables begin to come on vine.  The summer squash plants are getting big so I'm hoping for some blossoms very soon, as well as from the cucumbers and beets.  The pumpkin plants are gigantic.  WOW.  And the peas are growing well too. 
And how does your garden grow?
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  1. GORGEOUS!!! Hope things continue to grow so well for you!! :)

  2. l just love growing my own veg and what a lovely sight seeing your first tom hopefully there will be plenty more and other veg too x


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