Saturday, June 29, 2013

Organic Plant Food

This looks kind of disgusting, doesn't it?  Don't be too put off.  It's merely coffee grounds and egg shells.

Every day I save my coffee grounds and egg shells and keep them in a small ice cream bucket.   I crush the egg shells well into the coffee grounds and then each day when I walk the garden with the pups, I dig down around my garden vegetables and work this mixture into the soil.  Voila!  A simple organic plant food!

Roses love this mixture too.  And if you have a banana peel or two, simply puree the peeling and stir into the coffee ground and egg shells.  This will add potasium to your soil as well as the calcium from the egg shells.  The coffee grounds provide a rich incentive for red wigglers (worms) as well as for plants that like a little extra acid in the soil.  Also, coffee grounds are a bug deterent. 

The bottom line is, save those coffee ground and egg shells.  And if you are into vermiculture, you most definitely want to add these to your vermiculture compost bin.
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  1. Oh wow, great recycling tip. I would never have thought of that, thanks Jennifer.


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