Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Autumn harvest

My little garden was a lot of fun to tend this summer. It is good that Paul and I do not have to rely on our harvest to survive the winter though. If that were the case, about all we'd have in our larder would be beans! The tomatoes and cherry tomatoes have been good but we've kept up eating them as we pick them. Yesterday I blanched and froze bags of green beans for the freezer though. So if you come to visit us this winter, it is a sure bet we'll have beans for our vegetable!


  1. Fresh green beans and tomatos remind me of grandma's house. YUMMY

  2. That's it, looks like dinner at our house or the restaurant from here on out!

    Kidding, green beans are one of the few veggies I don't mind, peas and brussel sprouts on the other hand...

  3. My 2 fave veggies fresh from the garden - snappy beans and sweet cherry tomaters. Looks yummy.


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