Thursday, September 20, 2007

WOW...What a ride!

Two more stamps I bought yesterday at HEATHER'S STAMPING HAVEN in Ottawa with my birthday gift certificate from Paul. I'm not real thrilled with how this card turned out. I think it has too much stuff on it which is the critique I usually get from my daughter and my husband. I think I should let the stamps speak for themselves.

Oh well, that is the fun of rubber stamping. I have a lot, lot, LOT of opportunities to make this card better and different. I just had to ink the stamps up as soon as I got home from Heather's shop.

Isn't the sentiment fantastic?


  1. I adore the sentiment! If you want to clear up some space on the front, just stamp the beginning on the outside of the card and the rest inside. What a great card.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!! What a cute card.


  3. Fun card. Love the image with the sentiment. I have this sentiment but it's a Paula Best stamp. I need to have that quote tattooed on my forehead so I won't forget to have fun whenever possible.


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