Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Clean pups

We've spent the afternoon with clippers, scissors, brush, comb, rake, dematting tools, wipe rags, treats! Here are my groomed pups. They aren't finished yet, but all three of us are tired of all the work it has been.

I sure could use a helper to photograph them. A treat will get them to sit, but unfortunately the treat causes the dogs to drool too. Consequently, Gabriel has 'Bella's slobber on his head and 'Bella has slobber (or as we refer to it - Dog Goobers) on her legs. Besides that, they keep lying down in the grass instead of posing...the lazy galoots! Oh well...we do what we can. Here they are:


  1. Gabe looks exhausted! they both look great though!

  2. That last big picture of Gabe's head is as if he is just asking "can I help you?"

  3. They look gorgeous! Of course they were pooped from all the grooming, so needed to lay down for the pics. The grooming is alot of work...loved the muddy mess from the earlier pics.

  4. I will dognap your dogs if ever I'm in your part of the world. Be forewarned! LOL!


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