Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Need a Hug?

I bought this Terry Medaris stamp quite a while ago and never used it! WHY NOT? I love this country woman. I just feel like she's asking if you need a hug.

I've been playing a lot with making cards using the gatefold opening. I especially like it for this card because it opens almost like this sweet lady is taking you in her arms.

Supply list for this card:
Terry Medaris country woman stamp
Colored with Prismacolor pencils
SU cardstock
Prima flowers, a bit of jute in the center of the flower and a crystal in her hat.


  1. Wonderful card! I really love your style! - Nise or in "Peculiar Aristocratic" terms -
    Countess Denise the Foamy of Melbury Bubblewick - - THANKS! That was really cool and I feel a royal bubble bath coming on...

  2. I love your coloring and the layout of your card!
    Thanks for the hug!

  3. awwwww, she is so adorable. I love this hug :)

  4. So cute Jennifer! With all that red hair, purple and green gardening duds, she could be me (lol>

    NO WAIT!

    She's need to be much "fluffier." (lol)


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