Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"...purebred is an ordinary dog wearing a designer suit."

If you have read anything by Cesar Millan or are familiar with his popular National Geographic television show called Dog Whisperer, you'll remember that Mr. Millan states, "...every breed is still always an animal/dog first. All dogs share the same psychology. The breed is just the outfit that that particular canine is wearing..." Cesar also states, "...a purebred is first and foremost just an ordinary dog wearing a designer suit."

I just wanted to preface these photos of my CKC registered, champion bloodline Newfoundland dogs with Cesar Millan's words as a reminder to MYSELF !!!!

I just bathed both of my dogs not even 30 minutes ago!! They aren't even dry yet! I still have hours of brushing, nail clipping and ear cleaning to do before these prize pups are finished today. So what did my "beautiful" (???) dogs do as soon as they were out of their bath? I think you can tell. My gosh! Gabe wasn't this dirty BEFORE his bath!

Oh, and if you are asking where I was when they were getting this dirty, I was mopping the floors of all of the water from their baths. This is how they looked when I emptied the mop buckets.


  1. Whatever it was that they did, they must have had fun as it's rare for Kate and I to go over and see the two of them that exhausted!

  2. do we get to see an after shot of them looking all clean and groomed :o)

  3. OH I can't stand these pictures!! I just want to roll around with the puppies!!! Shh...don't tell Ichiro..

  4. Awwww - you poor tired mommy! They look like they had fun tho! LOL


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