Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Betsy" and I take our first roadtrip

All of this week my husband Paul is taking a week off. Supposedly this week is our summer vacation. Like so many others, due to the high price of fuel, we decided to stay close to home and take in some of the local sights and scenery. Also, we are in the midst of a major house renovation project so we've kept very busy.

One of the major things Paul has insisted on is that I get a motorcycle ride in daily. Today he announced that it was time for me to leave the neighborhood streets and, as the song says, "Get your motor runnin'. Head out on the highway. Lookin' for adventure. And whatever rubber stamps may come your way!" (NOTE: like the way I embellished the lyrics? Not bad, eh? LOL )

We headed up highway 17 to Alfred, Ontario where I knew there was a scrapbooking store that I'd never been to before. YOWZA! Highway riding is a lot of physical work when there are strong headwinds. I don't have a windscreen for my bike yet and at speeds of 90 - 100 kilometers/hour I found it physically demanding keeping my girl, BETSY, standing up straight and moving ahead.

But, I did it and we safely arrived at the very nice little shop called "Scrap en masse".

Of course I didn't come out empty handed either. Look at the GREAT clear stamps I purchased. I don't know how well you can see this photo, but I think the Christmas set with Santa playing checkers with the polarbear is darling! I can hardly wait to ink each of these sets up! Take a look at my loot!:

As I said, the headwinds were very wicked and I admit that I had a hard time but did manage to stay in control. Control, that is, until Paul had to make a sudden stop in front of me. I couldn't stop in time behind him and as I swirved around him on the left, my brake lever smashed into his clutch lever and the tip of MY little finger SMASHED AND SHATTERED his left side mirror. I managed to keep control of Betsy and stop her safely. Fortunately my gloves protected my hand from the shattered glass. I think I may have fractured the tip of my pinky but there were no cuts and I'll be fine...fine, that is, except this took a bit of toll on my lack of confidence issue that I've been dealing with.

With great fear and trepidation, I managed to ride the whole trip home. Paul and I hadn't spoken about the whole incident yet. I felt awful for damaging his bike. You know what he said when I pulled in the driveway behind him? He said, "You did GREAT today. I'm so proud of you and how you maintained control and stopping even after hitting me." (He was stopped at the time of the incident.) He was so supportive! What a guy!!

So here is the damage to his bike (I type this while hangin' my head in shame...)

I'm going to keep on riding, though. But for now, I think I'll take some Tylenol for my pinkie and then ink up my new stamps.

Until next time....

and "BETSY" too!


  1. Jennifer, this is all so exciting! Sorry about your teensy wreck, but overall it looks like you are doing awesome!

  2. WOW swerving to avoid a bigger accident... you did wonderful! I'm so excited that you went on your first out of neighborhood ride...

    Enjoy your week of riding with Paul, I'll be looking forward to more of your riding adventures. ~ Jovi

  3. Good Job on gettin on your horse and ridin again after you almost fell off. Best part was that you got to explore a new store and find goodies. You might want to tell Paul to follow you next time. Tell him you're really concerned about how your backside looks on Betsy and he needs to watch it. Enjoy your vacation!

  4. oh I am sorry about your wreck - but I am glad you were ok. you are a brave girl - I don't do motorcycles...looks like you found some nice treats at the shop! :)

  5. No reason to hang your head! You are doing so well with your confidence. I couldn't ride if my life depended on it but I'm proud of you!

  6. You are amazing! What a determined rider to go for such an adventure!! You hit a little bleep along the way and then keep on keeping on!!! So glad you had the proper focus of finding a new store...and some finds. Looking forward to hearing tomorrows adventure! ...Jan

  7. Hi Jennifer!
    I'm Lisa, your friend Leanne sent me your way...
    I just got my bike last summer, so I'm still a newbie too! You DID do good...mirrors can be replaced, not hands...way to stay in control & not panic! I'm proud of you too! (Sorry about your booboo though:(
    One do you get your DH to stop at Stamp stores? LOL...Glad to know I'm not the only Stampin' Biker Chic out there! :)
    You're bike is beautiful too! Congrats!
    Maybe we can go on an adventure some time..a Scrap n' Ride...Heeheeee...that'd make the boys happy, eh? That is if I can ever get up enough courage to go over the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron.:O
    Take Care, Ride safe & Stamp Happy!
    P.S. There is a pic of my bike on my blog...(just click my name above and it will take you there)
    Have a great weekend!

  8. THANK THE LORD you are okay!!!! My heart is in my throat as I read your posting! AAAAAHHHHH! You are one brave mama!

  9. Oh, Jennifer, don't you have the sweetest husband? I am so glad you had a nice time out and about with him and I am so happy to read that you are okay. I will tune in again to hear more about your biking adventures...stay safe, my Friend!

  10. OOPs, I forgot to say....I love those stamps! :-)))))))))


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