Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Harley Princess

Much to the horror of my daughter and I think to the amusement of my sons, I bought a Harley Davidson Sportster 1200L. I got my bike, which I've decided to name "BETSY", back in April. I've taken two sets of riding courses through the Ottawa Motorcycle Safety Council. My progress has been slow, sometimes frustrating, but overall quite a thrill and a lot of fun.

I took my third spill (or in motorcycle lingo, I dropped my bike for the third time) about a month ago. I haven't been on her since.

This morning my husband said, "Get your gear on! We are going for a ride." We were only gone about an hour. The first half hour was scarey for me but the second half hour was a blast!

I'm still learning. I'm not a speed demon. I do thoroughly enjoy being out riding. I'll continue to learn and build confidence. The confidence is what I've lacked and is my biggest drawback right now.

I have to thank my husband for his patience and teaching skills. Paul has a blog and needs to update it but you can find his motorcycle stories and rants about just about any topic on his blog IF WERE KING OF THE WORLD.

Also to Jovi for her support, tips and inspiration that a woman CAN ride a Harley and have a great time as well as create beautiful cards and art. Check out Jovi's blog called INKY IMPRESSIONS.

Oh...and the title of this post goes to my good friend as well as an inspiring woman, Lesa. When Lesa learned I bought a motorcycle she dubbed me a "Harley Princess" or H.P. for short. Lesa, it cracks me up everytime you say that! Check out Lesa's blog HERE.

Here are a couple of snaps Paul took after we returned this morning of his Harley Princess. Dang...my motorcycle DOES make my butt look big!


  1. haha! you look GREAT on there.

  2. What great pictures. I'm too chicken to get on a bike like that. You go girl!

  3. I am a 42 year young lady and ride a 2006 HD Softail, this is my 3rd bike and I wrecked the first one, pit bull ran out in front of me, broke arm in 4 places, if you drop it get right back on her, show her who is boss. Safe riding

  4. Oh I am so glad Paul is giving the encouragment to truly be that HP!
    Oh woman I hear your ROAR!!!...LOL!

  5. WAY TO GO, Jennifer! I am so proud of you! You look MARVELLLLLOUS!

  6. You Sexy Hot Harley Princess! You are a brave woman - Feeling the fear but doing it anyway.....WTG!xoxo :)

  7. HA! Good for you! You look Fabulous, dahling!


  8. Yay for you! ( My mom has one too, dont think she's named it though... love that betsy, glad to see your taking her out again.)

  9. Jennifer you're one hot momma on your Harley! Love that you named her Betsy.

    Thanks for the kind words ~ Jovi

  10. Cool! Learning to ride a motorcycle can be quite scary at first, but as get you used to your bike and learn how to drive it, I’m pretty sure you’ll find yourself going out on rides more often, whether long or short. I remember when my dad taught me how to ride a motorcycle in his Harley 750 motorcycle. It was a bit scary at first, but when I learned driving it, I almost didn’t want to get out of the motorcycle. Haha!


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