Friday, January 7, 2011

100 Books in a Year Reading Challenge

Ever since I bought my e-reader (I have a Kobo) I cannot be found without it in my hand and reading. I've always enjoyed reading but for a variety of personal reasons that I won't go into at the moment, I didn't finish as many books as I'd start. Well, this has changed! I've been devouring books and thoroughly enjoying it.

When I read a post my friend Jovi posted about this challenge on her blog, I knew that this was a challenge I'd like to attempt too. I don't know if I'll reach my 100 or more book goal by the end of the year, but it is going to be a lot of fun reading as many books as I can. So with this post I'm announcing my goal to read 100+ books by the end of 2011.

Would you like to participate in this challenge? Here is the scoop about the 100 books in a year reading challenge. Hop on over to Book Chick City’s reading challenge for fun!

The rules are simple:
• Read 100 books by 31st December 2011
• Only print books & ebooks count – (no audiobooks)
• Any genre counts!
• Twitter tag: #100booksinayear
• You can join along anytime

I will continue to post my monthly book reviews as I have in the past. As well, I'm adding this ticker to my sidebar to track my progress:

If this challenge is one you'd like to participate in too, just click this link to Book Chick City or the button in the sidebar for more details.


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  1. Jennifer happy you joined along, I'm interested in seeing what you read... then I can add to my list. Aren't those little readers fabulous?! Since I've had my Kindle I've been reading a lot more but, so far with this challenge I'm starting out slow... I just have a lot going on and only finished one book!


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