Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 1st day of 2011

Happy New Year! A whole new year is ahead of us with exciting possibilities and I can't help but be curious what 2011 will bring. Do you write down resolutions you resolve to accomplish in the new year? I don't write mine down, but I do make a mental list of things I hope to do new or do differently or more efficiently.

One resolution I plan to do is send lots and lots of snail mail this year. Whether it is for a birthday, thinking of you, simpathy or just to say hi, I plan to keep in touch with my family and friends in a more tactile way than merely the internet. This is my first birthday card for 2011. January and February birthdays are plentiful so had better get started!

Have you ever tried ultra fine glitter on sticky paper and using a brass stencil for the design? In a nutshell, this is how I created this bicycle birthday card.
Card Ingredients:
Dreamweaver Bicycle Stencil
Glitter Glitz glitter in Real Red, Chromium, NST Copper, Blueberry, Licorice, Pine Forest
PK Glitz Sticky paper
Preprinted happy birthday grosgrain ribbon
K&Company Designer Paper
The process is a bit time consuming but a lot of fun to do. Actually, I find it relaxing. You don't want to rush. First cut a piece of the sticky paper the size of your stencil. Remove the printed film from one side of the sticky paper and stick the sticky side to the stencil. (Note: The other side of the paper is white and has no adhesive.)

Once your sticky paper is on the back of your stencil you'll work from the outside toward the inside of the stencil filling in colors as you work. The glitter sticks immediately to the open spaces of the stencil so you must be very careful to work in small areas at a time to fill in just the color you want and changing to another color as needed. I use white coffee filters under the various colors to catch, hold and return excess to the jars.

The little scoop spoons are excellent for scooping a small amount of glitter and then use the brush to brush off the excess.

Once you've covered the entire area of the stencil carefully peel the sticky paper off your stencil. Using clear crystal glitter, pour it over the entire area of your paper. This will create the background. Don't worry about pouring it over the colors you've already painstakingly put in the stencil areas. The glitter stuck immediately and you can't cover it up. Only the open areas of the stencil will grab the background crystal glitter.

Now once you've removed the sticky paper and glittered the background you'll find the lightweight paper image will roll up, so take your favorite adhesive and adhere the back of the stenciled area to a plain piece of lightweight cardstock. You've now created your glittered stenciled image and are ready to put it together on the card.

I thoroughly enjoy using the beautiful Dreamweaver stencils with this glitter process. Of course I love to use embossing paste as well as dry embossing with the stencils too. I find this glittered technique adds a whole new look to working with stencils.



  1. Wow Jennifer! What a beautiful technique. I am going to have to give this a try! Thanks so much for sharing how you did this.

    Happy New Year!

  2. What a fun sparkling card! I love looking at all the beautiful glitter colors...thanks for sharing this technique!

    Happy New Year Jennifer!

  3. Wow Jennifer, I didn't realize this technique was so time consuming. Thank you for sharing how to make glittery cards.

  4. Absolutely stunning. I can imagine how beautiful it is in real life. I need to dig out the stencils and play with them this year. Happy new year to you, Jennifer. I love your idea of sending more snail mail. I always think of doing it, but so rarely follow through.


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