Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Alexis's Tricycle Basket / Bucket

Not long ago I hinted that I'd be doing some special things having to do with bicycles. Here is one of my surprises that I made for my darling grand-girl, Alexis. It is a TRICYCLE BASKET/BUCKET.   I included it in her Easter basket yesterday along with her stuffed Elmo the Elephant and Alexis was delighted!
The design of this tricycle basket is not my own.  I discovered it on Noodlehead blog and you can find a tutorial to make it HERE
If you decide to make one, be sure to check out the handlebars on the tricycle you are making this for.  On the original pattern it is designed to go on a tricycle that has a straight bar between the handles.  Not all trikes are made that way.  Alexis has two tricycles and one has sloping handlebars with no middle bar.  Therefore, I tweeked the pattern and added two velcro strips at angles to clasp to the sloping handlebars.  This way it will clasp either a tricycle with or without the bar.
This (above) is how the back attaches to this trike.  With the two grips it will also attach to a bar-less trike. Alexis wanted to take her Elmo the Elephant for a ride on her tricycle so we packed him in.  She also has some Easter candy in the bottom...just in case she needs to "refuel" while riding!  :-) 
I know you are wondering about this positively adorable fabric.  Don't you just love it?!!  I was very fortunate to have purchased a couple of fat quarter pieces of Anna Wight's original designed fabric.  If you look inside the tricycle basket you'll see the contrasting blue chicken fabric.  These prints are (I think so anyway) Anna's signature trademark designs.  You can check out Anna's inspirational blog, Sassy and Sweet HERE.
Again you can see how the bucket attaches to the tricycle in this rear view of the basket.  (Above)
This little project went together very quickly!  Imagine the variety of fun prints, contrasts and patterns one can use to make these up in for their special little tricycle riders.  I thoroughly enjoyed making this for Alexis and I hope she'll collect all kinds of interesting rocks, sticks and flowers and will be sure to carry along a juice box and treat and maybe a stuffed animal too while she is outside riding.



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  1. Ooh, Jennifer, this is sooo adorable. I just pinned it to my kid's pin board :)

  2. Oh my word, this is the CUTEST thing!! I would have LOVED a basket just like this on my trike/bike when I was a girl! What a lucky, LUCKY grand-girl you have!!! :)

  3. Jennifer that is so cute! How creative and talented are you! Awesome job.

  4. Hi hun
    oh wow that is fabulous what a great idea, sue,x

  5. I can see the beaming of Alexis's beautiful eyes as she stares down at her happy and oh so very CUTE new basket for her little bike. Lovely work Grandma Jennifer. :)

  6. OH MY! That is the cutest thing ever! I love the inside fabric. I can't wait to get Henry a bike so I can make him a bicycle bucket!


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