Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Baby bib + apron = Bapron

Bapron, you ask?   Yes!   This is a BAPRON, which is a baby apron. It's a bib but covers more of your little one and works better than a bib and more like an apron.

Isn't it sweet?  Below is the back side.  I used a cheery Cosmo Cricket print on the front and a soft pale yellow terry cloth for the underside.

And I liked the first one so much that I grabbed another pretty fat quarter and made a second bapron in pink.

This time I used a white terry cloth for the inside. 

About a year ago I saw these darling and very practical baby-aprons on Jess's blog Craftiness is not optional blog.  Jess has fabulous patterns, ideas and tutorials.  This is just one. 

I'm sure you've already guessed that I made these for our newest grandgirl, Lilly.  If you have a little one in your life I urge you to check out the link and make one...or two or three or four.  They take very little time at all to make.  So little, in fact, that I think I might have spent one hour total in making BOTH of these from cutting to finish.   They are so practical and cute too.

I'm living up to my title of being "the Needlewoman" this week.  I have a lot of sewing projects going on right now.  But making things for the grandchildren has been so much fun and the projects that were on my front burners, so to speak.

Until next time,



  1. I just love these....I make them for all my nieces and their kids! She'll love them!

  2. Oh wow they are so cute! well done:)x

  3. Jennifer, these are wonderful, love that they cover more than just the chin drips!! Beautiful colors and love the terry cloth idea, so soft! Beautiful.


  4. these are adorable--clicked the link and made one last night for a friends grandaughter! thanks for passing it along.

  5. Oh my Jennifer these are just too cute, such cute fabrics, I think it would take me a bit longer than it takes you to make them though ;)

  6. what a great concept! These baby bibs are perfect and stunning.

  7. love these for my 10 mo old granddaughter would love the pattern


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