Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Elephants: Elmo and Emily

Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Happy Spring! We are just getting ready to have brunch and spend the afternoon with the Grandgirls, Alexis and Lilly. Before we leave, I want to show you their Easter treats that I made for them.
Have you ever heard of an Easter Elephant? Nope? Me neither! But, this year I made Alexis and Lilly their own soft toy Elephant to include with their sweet treats.

This floral Elephant I've named Emily. I love this delicate flower print fabric. I can't tell you the maker of the fabric because it was a fat quarter piece that has been in my fabric stash forever, but I thought it made up into a darling elephant with contrasting tail and ears. Emily Elephant is going to go to baby Lilly. Lilly just turned 6 months old and think this will be easy for her to grab and hold and chew on Emily Elephants nose during this time of teething.
And this elephant I've named Elmo Elephant.  I just love this Cosmo Cricket fabric and I think he made up into a darling little fellow.  Alexis loves all animals and I have a feeling she can add this to her playroom where she keeps her other stuffed animals .  Soon she'll have a regular zoo!
The pattern for these Elephants came from Retro Mama's etsy site and if you're interested in making your own elephants for some little ones in your life you can find Retro Mama's etsy sale site HERE.
It is time for me to change my clothes and so see my little grandgirls now.  I've filled their Easter buckets with just a few sweet treats and Elmo and Emily elephant for the girls.  I hope they'll enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them for them!

Again, I hope you have a very happy day!



  1. Very sweet little Easter elephants! The pattern on the second one is just like some October Afternoon paper I have--love it!

  2. Elmo & Emily are just so adorable and perfect in their Easter baskets! ♥

  3. Oh I bet they both were so excited about their treats, these elephants are just the cutest!

  4. You are so talented with the sewing business woman! Love these elephants.

  5. Aww these are so adorable! I tried to make some stuffed elephants a while back, but they ended up looking like a cross between a cow and an elephant. I love the floppy ears you gave them!

    {You can check out my attempt here if you need a good laugh today!}


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