Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tying one on for Charity

An apron, cover, pinafore, shield, smock or even a matter what you like to call them, I've been having just the best time making some new ones!  

This Robert Kaufman fabric is beautiful and colorful and just all around fun!  The contrast collar fabric is Michael Miller design.

And what is more fun than to tie one on for a good cause, eh?  These are aprons that I am donating to a charity event to be put up for auction to raise money for a very important cause.

And above is another one I'll be donating.  I really like this one too. 

What do you like to call them and more importantly, do you wear them?  I find I do my best housework, cleaning and especially baking when I'm wearing a pretty pinny!

Until next time,



  1. you are so talented and adore the top one
    Hugs Kate x

  2. I LOVE this---the colors are smashing! I just always called it an apron....we wore "pinnys" in gym to show which team we were on....I had no idea until I was much older that "pinny" was another word for pinafore! (Or pinafort, as my aunt used to say!!!)

  3. Beautiful - and I call them aprons. I have several that I do wear, and a few that I don't as they belonged to my grandmother and, to me, are priceless treasures.

  4. Your Mo Manning cards are fantastic! You truly do her drawing skills justice with your beautiful coloring. These are awesome! I have an apron, but I tend to grab an oversize denim shirt when I'm making a mess. Had to chase a 'furwad' from the garage the other day, so I left out a tasty snack in case his fat, furry little gray bottom decides he wants to come calling again.

  5. Jennifer I LOVE it, the pattern and colors are fabulous!

  6. Fabulous Aprons , My Nana called them Pinny's and she wore one all the time. Hugs Elaine

  7. Jennifer, I just opened the parcel and they are even more beautiful than their picture!! I can't thank you enough for sending them, they're gorgeous!!
    Katie and I call them aprons, my mum calls them pinnies but we're all different.
    You are a very kind, generous hearted lady. When I grow up, I want to be just like you (if I can't manage that, I hope I'm as good as you at sewing!!) xxx

  8. What a great pinny, love that fabric.


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