Thursday, April 12, 2012

A quilt in progress

Isn't it fun how some projects come about due to another project that is being worked on?   It is sort of along the lines of when you paint a room and you suddenly decide it needs new furniture or draperies to go with the new paint.  That is kind of what happened to me.  I'm refinishing and reupholstering a rocking chair that belonged to my grandparents, passed on to my parents and then on to me.  I've had the upholstery fabric for a couple of years, but finally got the gumption to get started on it. 
And what does the refinishing of a rocking chair have to do with quilt blocks and quilt pieces?  I knew I wanted a nice throw or small quilt to go with the rocker and while browsing a quilting magazine I spied exactly the quilt pattern that I wanted to make.  The pattern is called "Ohio Star" and I found a perfect array of fabrics for the quilt blocks to complement the upholstery fabric for my rocker.
So, for the past two days I've been busily cutting and piecing, matching and rearranging colors and now am just getting started putting blocks of the quilt together.  This little throw has 25 blocks.  I have two blocks completed.  The sashing is all cut and the smaller blocks are ready and waiting.  Yes...I have a long way to go.
And what about the rocker?  Well.....ummm.....I still need to get working on it.  I 'spose it should have been finished first and then the throw, eh?  Perhaps this weekend I'll work on it. 
Photos will follow of both projects completed.  I'm posting this post to let  you be my witness that I've begun a project and must not put it aside until I'm finished.  You'll help keep me on track, right?



  1. Wonderful re-do plans, fabric and quilting option too. Now just to getting them all completed. So many projects, so many more to see.
    If you looked into my world singing to the Old MacDonald song theme:here a project, there a project ... everywhere a started project. ARRRGHH! It would be nice to sing about Finished projects.
    It will be super to see yours completed. Such a wonderful memory to your Grandfolks and folks. I love that.

  2. your quilt is going to be awesome!!!!

  3. it is looking great allready, can't wait to see both finished projects!

  4. WOW!!! That's looking beautiful and inspiring.


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