Monday, November 7, 2011

Victorian Button Ornaments

Have you discovered Pininterest? It is a wonderful site filled with creative ideas for crafts, apparel, food, name it. I can spend hours browsing through the inspiration found on this site and that is exactly what I did today.

You see, our Christmas tree is very ho-hum. Every year it is uninspired and less than festive. This past weekend I decided that this year we would have a tree and home decorations that are handmade, creative and handmade with love. While looking through Pininterest I came upon a blog called French Larkspur and on it she had posted glass ornaments filled with buttons that she had found at a flea market. I knew immediately where I had stored some clear glass bulbs that I bought several years ago on sale at Michaels and they were just waiting to be embellished. I got them out, along with my button jars, lace and hot glue gun. I was ready to begin creating!
(above) This is the first ornament I made. I probably could have filled it a little more full, but hey! It was my first attempt and I was happy with it.
Second I made another white with lace but added more buttons on the outside. This is fun! Let's do more!!
So I decided to try these with a bit of color. What do you think of the red plaid ribbon with buttons?
Or how about green? I'm on a roll now!
I could give you a long drawn out tutorial but that just isn't necessary. I think the photo above explains it all. Merely take the top off a clear glass ornament. Remove the wire from the brass top and slip the prongs through a large button and then thread the wire back through the brass top. You've just created the button top!
Then you will fill your glass bulb as full as you wish and replace the top. Tie ribbon or lace and add a button and that is it! A five minute project that has endless possibilities.
While searching through Pininterest archives I found so many handmade Christmas ornaments that I'd like to try. I think this year our home will be filled with a handmade Christmas...just the way we like it.

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  1. Clever idea and who would of thought. Great job.

  2. I really like these button ornaments! I must CASE these if you don't mind....Love everything homemade at Christmas

  3. LOL, I am on Pinterest and haven't had time to look at a thing....but you hit a treasure trove here! I have some of those SAME ornaments--gathering dust---and these are so cute! I think you're on to something here!

  4. So cute!!! I love those crafted ornaments too. Last year I made my friends 'quilters snow' ornaments. The same clear glas ornaments, Filled them with the dog ears of fabric that got trimmed off and then used a bit of glass paint on the outside.

  5. Lovely idea to use those old and one of buttons. I really like the red and green ones the best. Thanks for the idea:)

  6. What a GREAT idea must have a look on there.Love your decorations,do prefer the coloured one's but they are all lovely,beautiful ribbon.xx


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